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Alexandra 10.24.2019 Buffalo, NY - Elmwood Village / Bidwell Parkway

I met Alex while shooting Emily and Dan's Wedding at the Buffalo History Museum, she was leading the Silver Arrow Band and MC'ing the night. It felt like we hit it off right away! I was excited when she asked for my social media accounts and wanted to be in touch for photos. Even more excited when about 2 months later, she texted me to do just that!

We met on Bidwell Parkway on a lovely October afternoon - the overcast sky provided a beautiful balanced light that made for some interesting images. I love photographing a single subject, as it allows me to challenge my creativity. I wanted Alex to let loose and have fun, usually the first 10 mins of the shoot are full of uncomfortable nerves, but Alex got into it right away (maybe there were a few nervous giggles here and there). We had a lot of fun exploring the area and taking advantage of unique spots!

I loved editing these, because again it allowed me to be creative. Especially with a musician or other creative, I like to try to do things a little differently and it was fun to change it up for this shoot.

Alex not only sings with many Buffalo bands, but also acts. She is very talented and I recommend you keep your eyes out for her!


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