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Becky & Brian - 06.25.2018 | Engagement Photography Session at Isleview Niawanda Park, Buffalo, NY

I am beyond thrilled with the finals of this photo shoot. Becky found me on Instagram a few months ago and contacted me to shoot her wedding, August 2019. I was a little hesitant at first because at the time it was over a year and a half away, but I decided to meet with them. We decided to work together for the 2019 wedding and included the engagement session into their package.

We decided to do the photos as soon as possible, so she would have them for "Save the Dates" going out this year. With all of us living in the Northtowns, we decided on Niawanda Park along the river at sunset for the photos. It was a perfect day, we met an hour before sunset and the weather was perfect.

I was a little anxious with this photo shoot, especially capturing love between two people when they don't know their photographer. I find a lot of people get tense and anxious themselves in front of the camera, so I tried my best to get some laughs and conversations out early. I was shocked with how well Becky and Brian worked in front of the camera and I had a lot of fun photographing these two and learning more about their love story.

I am so excited to share these images and anxiously awaiting next years wedding at the Avanti Mansion.


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