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Ceramics Lifestyle Couples Session | Andrea & Brenton | Buffalo, NY | TriMain Art Studios

Updated: May 18, 2021

Sometimes inspiration sparks and you have a vision of magic! If you are lucky, you can reach out to the perfect person to make it happen. For me, I feel very very fortunate to know Andrea! Andrea is a ceramic artist in the City of Buffalo with a beautiful studio space in the Buffalo Arts Studio section of the Tri-Main Center. Late 2020, I had the vision of a ceramics / messy clay couples session and immediately reached out to Andrea to see if it would be something her and her new fiance, Brent would be interested in helping me with... aka being my hot models. Thank goodness they were in!

But sometimes, great minds think a like and the crazy coincidence is shortly after I asked, the talented Sarah Westphal of Seventh Arrow Studio (also find her on instagram) reached out to Andrea and Brent about doing a similar messy clay shoot! Thankfully, we love community over competition, Sarah and I decided to work together on this one! We came up with inspiration sources, outfit ideas and set up a date and time to work together.

We had so much fun in the studio with Brent and Andrea, swapping posing ideas and angles to create our own visions of the photographs.

The best part about this, Andrea hosts date night ceramics classes so if you want a steamy messy clay shoot, WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Or if your date night looks like something else, lets chat!

Check out Andrea's work on her instagram and keep up with her etsy page and website!

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