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Dan, Allison & Charlie 6.4.16 | Family Photography Session at Knox Farms State Park | East Aurora NY

Some of my favorite family portrait sessions are with the little ones, they are unpredictable and quite the challenge. With Charlie here, we used the outdoor library (he looked past the Elmo books and went with "Jazz Styles"), the many dogs walking by and animal sounds to distract him. I always reassure my clients, "Don't worry they will come out", but never knowing if I am going to get an image of all of them smiling. Thats what I like about it, the candids. These are photographs you would never expect, but you love because they are memories, they show the true connect with the family.

Thankfully Charlie was a good sport with the occasional "Bye Bye" and wave to the camera when he was ready for a break. I am so happy with the following images and I couldn't wait to share

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