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Dos and Don'ts of a Pandemic Wedding

Updated: May 18, 2021

If you have followed me for some time, you know my husband and I got married in the middle of a pandemic. If you are an engaged person right now, you know understand the stress, feeling of the unknown, the way the excitement suddenly fades as restrictions change and numbers go up and down, I have been there and I am there with you!

As a Wedding Professional and someone currently planning the "postponed reception", I am still with you. We are navigating through a really, really strange time while trying to do something that is so exciting and such a huge step in our lives, it's really not easy at all. You can feel alone in your worries about not being able to invite the amount of people you want, or worries about not having the proper dance floor you know you and your people can rock out to! Yeah, I get it.

When the pandemic started just about a year ago, I felt crushed. We just picked out our groomsmen / bridesmen suits (we love a mixed wedding party) the DAY BEFORE the lockdown, we finalized florals and our DJ and we were ready for our July 2020 wedding, but then it fell apart. Suddenly our wedding shower was cancelled and turned in to a (really amazing) virtual event. We didn't know if we could get married surrounded by the most important people from different stages of the 9 years we have been together. We were heartbroken, but we KNEW we wanted to get married no matter what.

Thankfully, we had amazing support of our families, our wedding party and I am SO grateful we hired wedding coordinators to help us plan for a very different wedding. We went from a 150 person outdoor wedding to a 30 person intimate backyard wedding that truly was unforgettable.

I've been meaning to write this blog for a LONG time, and as regulations and restrictions start to open up allowing for 100+ weddings this summer, this blog might not be as relevant, but then again, it could also be helpful to those planning their perfect day regardless...

Vendor Information:

Photography - Shaw Photography Co.

Wedding Coordination - Judy Likes to Party

Flowers - Flowers by Nature

Catering - Mary Ruth Rera Catering

Rentals - All Seasons Rental

Dress - Victoria's Bridal

Suit - New York Store

The Dos:

#1 - Regardless your plans, have a Plan B, this is something I tell most of the nearlyweds that hired me for their wedding day recently. You don't have to plan the Plan B, but at least have it in the back of your mind. When we found out we weren't going to be able to have the amount of guests we wanted, we immediately started thinking of everything we wanted to make the day special. When it came to initiating those plans, we were ready.

Brings me to #2 - If you plan on cutting down, inviting less or making it an intimate wedding, make it special. The moment we decided to still have a wedding in 2020, I knew what I wanted to make it special. I knew I wanted absolutely delicious food and an environment that was not only intimate, but still felt like a wedding. We adjust somethings in our budget and cut back on things that weren't necessary to make sure we had the menu we wanted.

#3 - If you are doing an intimate wedding now and a big reception later when things are more allowed... Get ALL the photos you want! When we were replanning our wedding, we spoke with our photographer's Brian and Christina Shaw of Shaw Photography Co. and came to the conclusion that we didn't know what was going to happen in 2021 and if the "postponed reception" was going to be possible. Christina recommended that we make sure we get all the photos we want just incase, that way we can look back and not regret any left out moments. We were grateful to get the "wedding party" photos even though we didn't look too uniform 😂.

This is the last one, #4 - Talk to your vendors! This is coming from both the wedding professional and bride in me... the best thing we did when we started figuring out a new plan was talk to ALL of our vendors. Those that were involved in the 2020 wedding and those we booked for the postponed reception. Everyone was helpful, considerate and understanding. As a wedding professional, WE GET IT. We have questioned everything, we have been stressed, we have been disappointed and all we want to do is help. Ask your vendors for advice, see if they have suggestions from other weddings, and make sure they can accommodate any rescheduling needs.

Now for the Don'ts:

There is only one DON'T and that is... DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOUR WEDDING DAY SHOULD LOOK LIKE. Not your parents, not your friends, not your Aunts and Uncles, not your judgmental coworker, NO ONE!

If you want to postpone to make sure you can have the big wedding of your dreams and have 200+ eyes on you, THAT IS OKAY!

If you want to cut your wedding down to just the two of you on top of a mountain saying your vows to one another, THAT IS OKAY!

If you want to be surrounded by a few loved ones because you are tired of being stressed and you so badly want to marry the love of your life and maybe you'll have a party later or maybe not (it's me haha), THAT IS OKAY!

Do what works for you and your love. Don't let others tell you what is best for you.

And if you need any help... I'm here to help!


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