It's 2019 and love is love.

Recently, a Texas based wedding videographer refused to shoot a wedding for a same-sex couple - although it did not get too much attention, it was spread around different social groups I am apart of. This company defends their actions by claiming it is due to their religious beliefs, but this kind of discrimination does not belong in 2019. I am accepting of all religions and beliefs, but there are some ideas that seem unreasonable. Same-sex marriage has been recognized in the state of New York since 2011, yet almost 8 years have gone by and we still have people and companies that will not accept that love is love, no matter what.

I'm writing this today because since I read about this incident last week and since then I have been racking my brain on how to respond. My heart breaks knowing this discrimination still exist. As a straight white woman, I can't imagine life as anything else, but what I know is that love is love.

My goal with every photo session, whether it be an engagement, family session or a wedding, is to create a comfortable and joyful environment for all my clients in order to tell their story. That story may be able a a girl and her best friend, or a kid and their dog, or the love between a same-sex couple. I chose to become a photographer because I wanted to photograph all kinds of people people, to capture love and joy no matter what that means or who it is between.

As a response to this company's decision, I would like to offer any LGBTQ+ couple, family, person - 25% any of my services including any Weddings, Engagements, or Portrait Sessions from now until the end of June 2019 (Pride month)

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