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Kate, Leanna, Mike, John, Julia & Lyla - 5.7.2018 | History Museum Cherry Blossoms | Buffalo, NY

I know it has been far too long since I posted a blog, but I am back and ready for a summer of lots of photos and work! My first official shoot of the spring was one which was in perfect timing for Mother's Day! I met Leanna last year when she helped keep the attention of Mr. Jack Dawson during my photoshoot with Emily and Jack which benefited the SPCA. This year, Leanna took advantage of my Mother's Day special where half the proceeds benefited the Pricilla Project. We originally planned shooting outside the Botanical Gardens, but last minute decision came when we discovered how perfect the cherry blossoms at the Japanese Garden in Delaware Park were.

Leanna invited her husband, her mother, her bother and sister in-law and their daughter. We dodged crowds of people for these photos but I am so happy with how they came out. Check out some of my favorites below!


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