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Lydia, Hona, Nicole & Heather - 5.4.2019 - Family Portrait Session, Lewiston, NY

Hona, who has been following my work on instagram for some time, reached out to me during my Mother's Day Portrait Special. She wanted to plan a shoot for her mom, and her sisters. I was a little nervous, because I never worked with 4 adult women outside a Bridal Party. We planned for a Saturday afternoon, when the day come, unfortunately it was a rainy cloudy day. I was a little nervous, but with busy schedule this was the only day that would work out for the Rowe family. I left for Lewiston and as I did, the clouds cleared and the sun peaked out, it ended up being a lovely afternoon, just in time!

Meeting Lydia and her girls was such a joy. After the shoot, I wrote on instagram that I was in a crummy, uninspired mood, but the 30 mins I spent with the Rowe girls, my mood completely changed! They were such an incredible joy to work with. They were open to any thing I suggested and had a few suggestions themselves. They were so much fun. My favorite part was pulling Lydia (mom) to the side and taking a few solo photos of her. She was full of laughter and smiles, she had a hard time giving me fierce when I asked for her "best Beyonce fierceness". I love the way these portraits turned out.

I truly had such a lovely time with these wonderful women and witness the love they have for each other. I hope these are memories they will cherish forever.


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