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Maggie, Ian, Malley, Finn & Peregrin - 6.4.16 | Family Photography Session | Chestnut Ridge Park

After 2 reschedules, I am happy we had the perfect day for a family photoshoot. At first I think this family all had the shy bug, but after a walk down the big hill at Chestnut Ridge and a few flowers being picked, everyone opened up to the camera.

Malley in her princess dress insisted on picking every flower she picked. Finn had quiet a few questions about how many photographs I was going to take, but always kept his big bright smile. Peregrin was very shy and a little fussy, but happy to be in Mom or Dads arms.

It was a perfect day and this is why I love doing what I do, being able to spend a day playing at a park, or walking through a field. I am so happy to share these with you :)

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