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Marissa & Ben - 12.15.2018 Buffalo, NY Photo Session

Firstly, Happy 2019! I am so excited for whats to come this year! I have some many great shoots already lined up for the year and can't wait to book more! If you are interested in booking, my Booking page is back up and running for the spring and summer months! Or, contact me at!

Marissa and Ben reached out to me before the holidays to get a photo taken to gift to their families. Both being involved in the local theater scene, we had to work around all of our busy schedules. We met on a chilly Saturday morning at Delaware park, I was hoping for a little more snow, but this time of the year - you got to take what you can get! Even though they were only looking for a few smiley pictures for their families, I took advantage of the time we had together and took a few extra photos! Check out my photos below, taken at Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY.


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