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Melissa & Cody 10.9.2019 - Engagement Session, Tifft Nature Preserve, Buffalo, NY

Can we talk about the perfect golden hour photoshoot? Because I think this is it!

I am so excited to share these photos because I am sooo happy with them!

Not only did I go to high school with Melissa, but she was a bridesmaid in my first summer wedding this year! A few weeks after working with her in Victoria and Mike's wedding, she contacted me to discuss her wedding for next year! I was so excited to hear from her and officially meet Cody. We booked fast knowing how popular 10.10.2020 is going to be next year and planned for an engagement session. Meeting with them was so great; they are early in the planning stages, but so excited for their special day next year.

We decided to do the engagement session at Tifft Nature Preserve. Melissa wanted the shoot to be somewhere with "tall grasses" and a good sunset, Tifft was the perfect location. We picked the perfect night and realized that we were exactly a year and one day from their wedding day! We adventured around the park and I think got some amazing photos. We ran (well quickly drove) across the street to Gallagher Pier right as the sunset and snapped the last few pictures of the night.

Check them out below and stay tuned for their 10.10.2020 wedding at Kloc's Grove


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