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Solo Adventure to Montreal, Canada | 2016

It's a hard thing to live in Buffalo, NY. You truly experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, with at least 6 months of winter and little sun, it is hard to enjoy. Not saying I didn't have an amazing winter or make the most of it, but come spring, sometimes you need something to look forward to. This April, I decided to visit Montreal... by myself.

The amount of people and family who said to me, "You wanna spend a weekend in a strange city alone!?" or "Why would you want to be alone?" or "It's unsafe for a young woman to be anywhere alone!"... it was all very discouraging.

Then there was the few, "Wow thats amazing!" or "You are so brave to do this by yourself" or "I give you credit for wanting to travel alone."... those few helped me make the decision.

The whole point of taking this trip alone was to be alone. I wanted to feel a little vulnerable, I will admit, but I also wanted to experience a new city on my own time in my own way. As a human being, I think it is very important for us to travel alone and experience things on our own. Being alone isn't a bad thing, I love the days I get to go out to dinner, sit at the table with a good book or with music and just be alone. It's discouraging to hear so many people be afraid of being alone.

So I drove 6 and a half hours to Montreal on Friday April 22nd, I listened to Amy Poehler's book "Yes, Please" and started my adventure.

I am not going to go into a description of my whole trip because I don't think anyone will read it anyways, but I will leave you with a series of photographs from my 3 days in Montreal and the recommendation to go... Go visit a city you've always wanted to visit, but keep putting it on the back burner. Nothing should stop you, do it alone, do it on your own time...

These are not all the photos I took.. I will be uploading an album on my Facebook page, as well as posting through out the next few weeks on Instagram with stories about the trip.