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New Orleans, LA - 3.19 -3.23.2019

Entering 2019, my partner Mike and I knew we needed a getaway. Wanting to save money and get an experience somewhere in our great country, our hearts desired Nashville, TN or New Orleans, LA. After some research and price comparing, we landed on New Orleans. As we planned weeks ahead, we were told by many to just explore, not really come up with a defined schedule (which is very hard for me). Instead I made myself familiar with the neighborhoods of NOLA and the difference experiences we could have.

Our four days in NOLA were perfect. Weather was perfect 68° to 75° each day. We rented bikes and explored the different areas of the city on two wheels. We got to see the legendary Rebirth Brass Band at the Mapleleaf and many other incredible musicians on Frenchman's Street. Mike being an arborist and tree lover, we explored Audubon Park, where he climbed the "Tree of Life", 280 year old Oak tree and biked the expansive City Park. It was the early spring getaway.

It hard to say we didn't fall in love with the city, after hearing many stories and meeting tons wonderful people, we were one of many who felt the pull that New Orleans has. When you talk to people who live in NOLA, often you'll meet someone who "showed up 7 years ago and never left" or "decided to move after our 2nd visit". There was a moment on the trip, where we looked at each other and dreamed up our lives in this amazing city, what house we'd buy, what we would do, but life does snap you back in to reality (and so does your last Lyft driver who tells you whats up about moving to NOLA - rents too high, cost of living too high, not enough jobs). We will definitely be coming back to NOLA, hopefully next time with a great group of friends.

One last thing, looking for advise from fellow photographers - how do you balance travel and photography? I kept dreaming up about how I was going to take a ton of photos around the city, but then adventuring all day and night, I struggle carrying around my 8 pound DSLR when there is no plan to stop back at the airBnB till the end of the night. Tips or advise when traveling as a photographer, please let me know!


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