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Nick, Danielle & Niko 7.10.2016 | Family Photography at Ellicott Creek Park in Tonawanda, NY

As a photographer, especially one that can be hired and works outdoors, you have very little control of your situation. It could be a rainy, cloudy day, or so terribly hot and sunny everyone is squinting. It could be an uncooperative awkward teenager or a uncooperative fussy toddler. Thankfully no matter what the situation, you always come out of it with a laugh and a couple great photos!

I want to say Niko was a fussy toddler, but thankfully the photographs don't show it! We had anxious morning until the clouds parted and the sun came out, just in time for me to meet Nick, Danielle and Niko at Ellicott Creek in Tonawanda, NY. Although, snacks and ducks were more interesting than the camera for Niko, we ended up with more than enough adorable photos.

I know by the end of the hour session, we all felt a little nervous about how the photos came out. Danielle and Nick apologized that he was so cranky and not cooperative, I assured them we had to have gotten a few happy faces. When I got to editing, I was more than pleased to see the moments I was able to capture, despite the few whines, tears and groans in between.

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