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Niko & Danielle - 7.30.2017 | Mommy and Me Photography Session at Niawanda Park in Buffalo, NY

When I got a message from Danielle a few weeks prior to schedule another photoshoot, I was so excited to reunite with this family! I photographed little Nico with mom and dad a year prior, I was looking forward to seeing how much the little guy grew! This time, we met at Niawanda Park in Tonawanda, NY. Unfortunately Dad (Nick) had to work on this gorgeous day, so we switched our plans to a "Mommy and Me" shoot along the river. Niko was much more cooperative this time and was a very good listener. I couldn't blame him for giving up after 45 mins and being a little fussy, the sun was bright and the river and boats were very distracting.

I am so happy to work with this precious family again and so happy with how these photos came out.

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