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The Hoover Family - 12.23.2018 Family Portrait Session, Buffalo, NY Botanical Gardens

First things first... I REDESIGNED MY WEBSITE!

I started this site right after college to show off some of my work and possibly get a few portrait session here and there. I never thought I would go into the Wedding Photography industry but I love it so much. This website needed to be redesigned along time ago, and as one of my goals of 2019, I am so happy I got it done so quick! Check it out!

Secondly, I am so excited to share these photos with you. When the Hoover's reached out to me for family photos, I was very excited. Knowing them for years, I knew they took their family photos seriously (and by that I mean they love taking photos almost annually, but they always have the silly-ness too!). Being a family of 8, now with two married, so 10... and a new baby... that makes 11, it was a little difficult to coordinate a good location that could accommodate the size of the family, lighting nicely in the winter and keeping baby Rory happy and warm. Thinking about local areas, first that came to mind and one of my favorite places to photograph was the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. They were so wonderful and accommodating, suggesting what time would be best for the group where we wouldn't be in anyone's way.

As a family of 11, it can hard getting everyone together especially with not everyone living in Buffalo, but Christmas time was perfect. We met on a chilly Sunday morning the day before Christmas Eve and headed into the gardens. We mostly photographed in the main lobby of the gardens, considering it had the most space, but once baby Rory got tired and need a distraction, we moved to the Koi Pond where we got some great smiles out of the 4 month old.

Enjoy the pictures!

Also shout out to the amazing Shaw Photography, they created some beautiful Lightroom Presets that have helped cut editing time. I used their presets with these images with very little editing and adjusting.


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