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#ThrowbackThursday Blog No. 2: Alexandra Portrait Session | Buffalo, NY Musician Portraits

Updated: May 18, 2021

I think Alex is one of the first reasons I fell in love with take portraits!

I met Alex at one of my 2019 Weddings when she was the lead singer for the Silver Arrow Band. We clicked right away! She had this amazing energy and I vibed with it. She was organized and ready to go for this reception, it was nice to have someone else there that you could relate to and work well with! After a few months, she contacted me for her first set of portraits!

I was so excited when the Summer of 2020 came around and Alex reached out for another set of portraits. We wanted a summery vibe around water, she was releasing music and wanted photos go work with them. We decided on Unity Island in Buffalo, NY.

Now I had no idea what Unity Island was... I thought it was the long strip of walkway near the Peace Bridge along the river, but I was wrong. Unity Island is kind of a secret and I LOVE IT. After a little confusion of some sketchy bridges and strange lots... we arrived and had to get our bearings on a location. We immediately headed to the water and took some fun portraits on the rocks along the river. We climbed around the rocks, did some strange poses and some very fun, fabulous portraits.

Toward sunset, Alex changed into her second outfit and we found a grassy hilltop near by to get some of my absolute favorite photos. Alex was feeling herself and I LOVED IT! She was so easy to work with and I can't say enough how much fun we had.

We finished up the evening with sweet Luna, her partner in crime and adorable pup. Again, some of my favorites. How many favorites do I have!?

Again, Alexandra is an incredible talent that we are so lucky to have perform in Buffalo. Check out her page for updates on performances both in person and virtual. Keep an eye out for her this year because she has a voice you definitely want to hear!

And Alex... I need margaritas very soon! 😍


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