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#ThrowbackThursday Blog No. 6 - Armstrong Family Photos | Beach Lifestyle Session | Hamburg, NY

If you follow my photography, this is another family you may recognize from years past. It is truly an honor to have return clients that want you to capture them annually! I feel like I've seen families grow before my eyes and it is soooo special to capture their memories.

The Armstrongs reached back out to me for their 4th annual family photos last summer... Typically we have always done their family photos in the Fall and years past it has almost ALWAYS been a crummy cold day, but we managed with big smiles and laughs. I was so excited when Katie wanted to do a beach session in 2020 and it changed EVERYTHING! We met at Woodlawn Beach in Hamburg, NY for a sunset session with the family of four.

I wasn't expecting it, but for young kids and toddlers, the beach may be my favorite place to shoot! The kids are able to have a little more freedom and fun while playing in the sand and at the edge of the water. Also, how GORGEOUS is the sunset and lighting?! 😍

I love the variety of images and the fun we had while chasing seagulls and building sandcastles. I now recommend the beach for many of my young family photography sessions!

In honor of the rainy day we are having today in Buffalo, NY, let's dream of sunny beach days as we scroll through these adorable captured memories.


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