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Backyard Wedding Day in Ontario

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Backyard Wedding Day's are so special, especially when you are so close with the couple!

A few months ago, my dear friend Tim told me that his long term boyfriend Ryan and him were going to get married in June in Ryan's hometown Newmarket, Ontario. Not only was I excited that two people that I've grown very close with over the past few years were getting married, but also that Ryan was now one step closer to coming to the states!

Ryan being from Canada and Tim from the States; it's not easy to find your soulmate with a border between you. Tim and Ryan met on the website Tumblr in 2013, Tim started to visit Ryan in Guelph a few months later and the rest became history. As a friend group, we met Ryan when he came down to Buffalo, NY to visit. He was a perfect fit to our group of friends. Knowing they loved each other and wanted to be together forever, the conversation of immigration was bound to come up. They decided this year that Ryan would come to the States and the next step in that was obviously marriage.

I was honored when they invited me to witness their special day and decided they wanted photographs of their small intimate elopement in Newmarket, ON. I was thrilled that I was given the opportunity to photograph these two absolutely beautiful people and capture the love between them. Also the first wedding of the season was going to be my friends!!

There is a special moment in the photographs below that I would like to mention. This year has been a challenging one for our group of friends, we experienced a loss that was like nothing any of us have experienced before. Our dear friend and best friend of Tim, Dana passed away in April. It still hasn't been easy on any of us, but Tim and Ryan knew they wanted to honor her in some way on this special day. I helped them sort through a few polaroid pictures before the ceremony and Tim tucked his favorites into this suit coat with her memorial card. We took a moment out of the day to remember her, take a few photos, have a laugh and crack a Miller Lite in honor of our dear friend. You will notice them below and they are some of my favorite shots from that day. We felt her with us on this gorgeous Friday afternoon, she was going to be there no matter what.

After finding my own soulmate 8 years ago, I truly believe there is someone out there who is truly right for you. Tim and Ryan are perfect for each other. After getting to know them as a couple in the past few years, they perfectly balance each other and bring the best out in each other. I am beyond thrilled that the silly website that I was using to look up art and funny memes, brought two of my favorite people together, from two different countries and a border between them. Their love is true and I can't wait to witness the future between them. I am grateful to be a part of their story.

Check out a my favorites from this lovely day of laughter, friendship, families coming together and most importantly, true love.

(Also find me sneak in a few of the group photos)



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