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I’m Kelly (she/her).

I don’t come from a portrait background with photography, but rather a conceptual art background, which I believe makes my work more unique. I studied 2 years at Syracuse University’s Visual and Performing Arts School to get my BFA in Conceptual Art Photography. I never planned or expected to become a wedding photographer, but fell in love with it after interning for a local Buffalo photographer.


I’m a people person at heart, as well as a giver. Whether it is cooking a homemade pizza for a crowd, or sending a gift in the mail to make someone's day, giving is almost a habit for me. I love to make people happy and laugh. I think that’s why photography is so special to me, I’m able to give something that not a lot of people can.


I’m also a big goofball, and I’m not afraid to be vulnerable with anyone! I think this is a HUGE help in sessions, especially with more introverted clients.

Inclusive Queer Wedding Photograher behindt the scenes photographing queer couple
Photographe smiling for branding photos in studio office

When I am not photographing or editing, I’m cooking, knitting or relaxing with my family.

I own a collection of over 30 wigs, and I prefer wine over most things, haha.


I was married during the pandemic, July 2020.

I’m a planner and a bullet journaler, I'm not  good with impulse decisions.

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