Kelly Kazmierczak (she/her)


I am a Buffalo based Photographer,  focused on capturing your story. Whether that is your wedding, engagement, family, newborn, event or just special memory...

I want to capture it.


I am a visual story-teller, whether your story is a cozy day in with your family, a walk through the park, or a love story,

I want to capture your genuine story and create something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

I try to create an artistic twist to my photos, capturing people in their most natural, less-posed and most comfortable.

In each session, I think about how these photos will be appreciated

and I create from there.

Fun Facts:

- When I am not photographing or editing,

I am cooking, knitting or relaxing with my family

- I was married during the pandemic, July 2020

- My hair changes all the time! Blonde, pink, purple, yellow, brown... etc.

- I own a collection of over 30 wigs!

- I prefer wine over most things haha!

- I am a planner and a bullet journaler, I'm not  good with impulse decisions

Female photographer in downtown Buffalo Ny with train in background, wearing black wide brim hat holding camera and smiling for photography branding photo
Female photographer smiling down at Nikon camera in Buffalo NY with plan in foreground
Photographer Female, holding camera to eye as if taking a photograph for branding photos