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7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Outfit Feel Like You

Just like anything else with wedding planning, it’s easy to get caught up in what you’re “supposed to wear.” Not everyone feels like themselves in a big white dress or black suit. As a Buffalo wedding photographer, I’m a firm believer that you’ll be happiest if your wedding outfit feels true to you. Here are some ideas to help you create an authentic look for your big day!

7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Outfit More You

1. Add personality with your accessories.

An unforgettable wedding outfit can start with a classic silhouette. Your accessories can bring just as much of you to your look as a dress or suit. Check out how this marrier added a playful elegance to her timeless dress with her earrings and comb.

A bride shows her wedding outfit which includes pearl earrings and a bridal hair comb.

Here are some accessories that you can personalize for your wedding look:

  • Crown

  • Veil

  • Pocket square

  • Tie

  • Jewelry 

  • Purse

  • Shoes

  • Belt

  • Sunglasses

2. Customize off-the-rack attire.

You can make your off-the-rack wedding outfit unique to you with customization. Typically, customization is less expensive than a fully bespoke look, too. You can even get family, friends, or local craftspeople involved in bringing your idea to life.

For example, Cait wore a gorgeous green suit from Indochino for her lush Finger Lakes wedding. She got the vest customized with a beautiful crest. It really was a one-of-kind look. So dream big with your store-bought attire! 

A marrier shows a customized vest with a crest embroidered on the back.

3. Incorporate symbols meaningful to you.

Your wedding attire also gives you chances to honor people or things important to you. Memorial pins are common additions to bouquets and boutonnières. They’re a great way to keep your loved ones with you on your wedding day.

On a lighter note, you may want to include your Alma mater or favorite sports team in some way. You could wear socks or a pin. Diehard fans, like the groom pictured here, can even opt for a suit lining with their team’s logo. Let’s go, Buffalo!

A Buffalo groom opens his wedding suit jacket to show a Buffalo Bills lining.

4. Embrace color.

If you’re like a lot of my wedding photography clients, you don’t actually spend most of your time wearing black or white. Why not go for a wedding outfit as colorful as the rest of your wardrobe? You’re more likely to feel your best in your favorite color.

Color can look high end, too. Check out Josef and Pedro’s green and blue suits. These deep tones felt true to them and looked absolutely amazing for their garden wedding ceremony.

Two grooms stand on Buffalo museum steps in blue and green wedding suits.

5. Get creative with your wearable florals.

Do you live for fresh flowers? There are so many creative ways to incorporate them into your wedding look. Some people do flower crowns while others take a more unconventional approach with entire floral lapels. 

For their wedding, Pedro and Josef took a more classic approach with stunning boutonnieres. As avid gardeners, they wanted to wear vibrant flowers that reflected their tastes and personalities. Buffalo florist Pistil and Pollen delivered with these vibrant boutonnieres in shades of peach and lavender.

A bee hovers in front of a wedding boutonnière made of roses.

6. Bring in a splash of color with your shoes.

Maybe you like the idea of a more classic wedding outfit but still want a dash of color. Try a creative pair of shoes! Red shoes are having a moment in wedding fashion. Don’t feel limited by trends, though. Let the season inform your decision. Green or blue shoes look great in winter. For example, check out these romantic velvet green heels from a winter wedding I photographed. 

Green velvet wedding shoes sit on a table beside emerald wedding jewelry.

You can expand your search beyond typical wedding footwear as well. Get the glitter boots of your dreams! Companies like Charles Taylor even have wedding lines with styles you can customize.

7. Choose attire that coordinates with your venue.

I don’t mean that you should match your venue per se. It’s more that your wedding outfit should bring the same energy as your venue. You probably picked your wedding venue because you like the decor, historic character, or modern appeal. When you’re picking your wedding outfit, think about how the textures, patterns, and colors speak to your surroundings. Make it a whole moment!

Two brides pose in their wedding outfits in historic Buffalo wedding venues.

Did this blog post give you inspo for your wedding outfit? I’m a Buffalo wedding photographer, and I’ve used my expertise to create tons of resources for my clients. As your Wedding Bestie, I’ll bring some fun to your wedding planning. Reach out to me here!



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