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Sunset Surprise Proposal on the Beach - East Coast Wedding Engagement

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Beach Wedding Proposal in Western New York, Lake Erie
Beach Wedding Proposal in Western New York, Lake Erie

THIS TAKES THE CAKE!! I'm sorry, I LOVE photographing Weddings, I love Family Photography, I love Couples creative sessions... but surprise proposal?! MY NEW FAVORITE!

It's storytime about Kyle and Emily's beach proposal... its a long one!

Quick Background: I went to High School with Emily... legit haven't seen here since 2010 when we graduated as she packed up and moved to California where she met and fell in love with Kyle. I have kept in touch with her BFF Calle who hired me for boudoir photography and keeps up with me on instagram.

So back in June, Calle reached out to me to discuss the plans for Kyle and Emily's proposal, asking if I would be willing to photograph this unbelievable moment... with no hesitation I said yes! For a few weeks, we set up a plan and kept in touch.

The date was Friday July 30th, Emily and Kyle were in town to see family, friends and for our 10 year Reunion (technically 11 due to COVID). Their plan was to arrive that day, head to Emily's grandmothers beach house in Irving and have a relaxing night seeing a few family members. Little did Emily know... we had different plans.

Leading up, it was hard to me and Kyle to be in touch because Emily had some suspicions. Doesn't look good to have your boyfriend sneaking texts to an unknown number while traveling together across country. We never had the chance to chat, leaving the entire plan up to me and Calle. I met Calle and her husband, Morgan in our hometown of Orchard Park and headed down to the beach. We arrived while Emily was distracted with dinner and made our way sneaking through neighbors lawns and private beaches to get to the spot where the proposal would take place! (Thankfully the neighbors knew the plan and were an amazing help)

Calle, Morgan and I set up a picnic type spot on the beach with champagne, flowers, candles and photos of the two of them. We got everything set just in time to hide for Emily and Kyle's "walk to the beach". I hide on a higher step away from the beach as they walked down to the spot. I could hear Emily's shock and confusion as they approached the blanket. Kyle got down on one knee and although I could not hear a word they were saying... the reactions were perfect! I made my way down to the beach from my hiding spot and became surprise number 2 for Emily. So excited to have the moment captured and still in shock, I gave them a moment to take it in as I capture the genuine reactions. We made our way to the water for the perfect sunset shots. I am so in love with these moments.

From there... the surprises did not stop. We headed back from the beach to the lake house where Emily was shocked to see her mom and best friend Calle (who she didn't expect there). From there a crowd approached... the family she had just been enjoying dinner with, then behind him surprise from her Dad and Kyles Parents (who also traveled from California), then her best friends who came from all different areas of the country! The tears and smiles were contagious and non stop. Emily was surprise to see a party set up with food and cake, champagne, tons of decor to celebrate their love!

It was a perfect evening and a beautiful way to celebrate their love... I cannot tell you how honored I was to be able to capture these moments.

So what makes it my new favorite thing to photograph? Scroll to see the most genuine happy faces full of love and joy. The connection I make with people, the moments that I get to capture for a lifetime and love between is what makes it the BEST!



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