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Buffalove Winter Wedding in... you guess it! Buffalo, NY

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Couple stands in front of Keep Buffalo A Secret Mural with Oxford Pennant in hand. Bride and Groom look at each other on wedding day in downtown Buffalo New York

It is not often that I get to photograph a winter wedding in Buffalo, NY. Usually couples stray away from cold risky weather, and go for the safer seasons, but not Nina and Charlie! One year ago this week, these two said "I do" on a sunny crisp January Day at Riverworks in Buffalo, NY.

When planning their perfect day, they didn't want the weather to be hot and sweaty, so why no mid January! I love it! Usually January is quiet and slow, so it was a great break up of the mundane post holiday blues to have a wedding to look forward to!

It was a very sunny January day, I thankfully had Sarah of Seventh Arrow Studios helping me out for the day as we started with getting ready at The Embassy Suites in Buffalo, NY. Nina and her girls crew in one suite and Charlie with the boys in another. I started my afternoon with the ladies and Sarah with the boys, we got some authentic getting ready moments with the crews. Both getting ready with important people in their lives, Nina with her Mom and Charlie with his best man helping. After sometime to get these photos, we then set up a private First Look in their suite. I love how these came out.

We started the day early considering sunset is earlier than typical weddings, we wanted to get all of the portraits out of the way before the ceremony at Riverworks.

First stop for the crew was a bit of a detour with a stop in the Village of Hamburg at Spot Coffee, the location that was both their first date and the place where Charlie proposed.

From there, these two desired some classic #BUFFALOVE locations, first being their actual venue, Riverworks! The wedding party bundled up for some traditional wedding party photos infront of the Ferris Wheel and Silos. We then got back on the bus and headed to the "Keep Buffalo a Secret Mural" where we planned on spending most of our time for portraits. And to add to the Buffalove energy, someone from Oxford Pennant stopped out to give the couple a "Lets Go Buffalo" Pennant!

Our last stop before the official "I do" at Riverworks, was the Buffalo landmark City Hall where the 2021 AFC Championship Buffalo Bills flags hung!

We finished up these photos with some celebratory moments and took advantage of the stunning Buffalo architecture to capture some intimate moments.

Finally, we made it to the venue, Buffalo Riverworks, to make it official with the wedding ceremony and party!

Nina and her father did a pre-ceremony first look which was quick, but a beautiful moment. Riverworks was then filled with all their loved ones for their ceremony. The ceremony was full of joy and laughter as the people involved were close in their lives. Regardless of spending the afternoon together, the moment of meeting down the aisle was still so special for these two.

Side note: Check out the backdrop of the wedding ceremony! Charlie made that pre-wedding and had it set up in the space. Months prior to their wedding, they asked me to join them for a meeting at Riverworks to see where the best lighting would be for the ceremony, I appreciated this soooo much considering we would be shooting indoors after sunset, I was able to understand the space and set it up accordingly. I think we did a pretty good job.