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Fall Wedding Day, Bemus Point, Chautauqua Lake, NY

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Chautauqua Lake is one of the most stunning locations in Western New York and quaint Bemus Point is the perfect spot for a Wedding.

Couple kissing in Bemus Point NY

When the October Day arrived, you could truly see how much love surrounded Bella and Brendan. With one of the largest wedding parties I've ever seen, 10 groomsmen and 7 bridesmaids, love and support was everywhere! Bella and Brendan have known each other for a long time, meeting in 2004 while at a Cross Country Camp, they instantly became best friends. Inseparable as best friends through high school, it was only right when they started dating after graduation and into their first years of college.

The October wedding day was definitely a risk, with dark clouds lingering overhead all morning, I drove out to Bemus Point hoping it would clear up... it felt like right as I pulled in to the driveway of the Maid of Honors childhood home, the sun peaked out and the clouds started to part.

Bella and Brendan were married in their church, Our Lady of Lourdes by their favorite Priest, who also came out from Buffalo, Father Joe. Father Joe delivered a beautiful ceremony, perfect to unite the couple. Prior to the reception at Ellicottville Brewing Company on Chautauqua, we managed to get a great collection of group photos then I stole the bride and groom away to adventure around the small town and have a moment to themselves before the real party began. From there, the night was history, with unforgettable dances, heartfelt speeches, the longest Conga line and of course, the SHOUT Song... Buffalo style!

Bella and Brendan are two of the kindest people I've had the pleasure of working with. I learned this months back, when I would be surprised by a text from Bella throughout the summer - after my engagement, checking in when my cat passed away and offering wedding planning advice.

Lastly, when I asked Bella and Brendan what advice they would give to a "couple to be" - they simply said "Enjoy it!" - from these photos, you can see they absolutely did!



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