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How to have an AMAZING dance floor on your Wedding Day

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Bride and groom dancing on wedding with flash light streaks and epic moments

I don't know about you... but the dance floor might be my FAVORITE part of the wedding party.

There are so many parts of the wedding day I love, but letting loose on the dance floor is DEFINITELY one of the best! But I do hate to say, every wedding is different...

I have shot a few weddings with an empty dance floors and they can be a reallllll bummer... may not be anyone's fault but, here's what to do:

Hire the right person / team / band!

There are definitely ways to save on your wedding budget and some people might think a Spotify playlist will do, and in some cases it does!

DJ Mike Khoury at Riverworks in Buffalo NY on Wedding Day
DJ Mike Khoury at Riverworks in Buffalo NY on Wedding Day

To be completely honest, that is exactly what I did for my backyard wedding day, BUT I made sure I had a microphone and someone I trust who could pick up the party, and be the MC for the night. This is my BIGGEST tip for someone who decided to go the playlist and often, it's better to hire an experienced DJ.

Photographers in the wedding industry definitely have their fair share of DJ experiences and stories that they don't love, so I recommend you ask US! For about the first hour of your dance party, we are right on the dance floor with you, sometimes commanding that dance floor, so we know how important a wedding DJ is.

H&H Entertainment rocking it out on dance floor in Buffalo, NY
H&H Entertainment rocking it out on dance floor in Buffalo, NY

For my WNY Brides... here are my 3 favorites to work with:

H&H Entertainment (hired them for my post-COVID wedding party in 2021)

As far as wedding bands go... it's better to hire a band that has played a few weddings and knows how it goes -- I would recommend: Silver Arrow Band


Then, take the time and make YOUR Playlist!

Your DJ is going to ask you what songs you want to include and what songs you don't want to include. I recommend REALLY taking some time with this and your DJ will help. But, one thing that we did and I think was a big help... include a "Song Request" on your wedding RSVPs. This allows for your guests to request songs before the big day (some DJs don't love requests in the moment) and gets them excited when the song they requested is played! It also allows for a TON of diversity in the music if you want!

If you don't want to ask EVERY guest that is invited, start a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and invite your wedding party or your closest friends to include songs... then use that list to send to your DJ! Plus, it makes for the best party mix for future use 😍

Here's ours:

Bubbles and prop ideas for dance floor on wedding day

Bring the PROPS!

Bubbles are by far my favorite on thee dance floor, they bring whole level of party! Props are sooo fun for the dance floor, they help people get a little more comfortable and think less about their dancing! Some DJ's will bring their own props so check in with who ever you hire, but here are some ideas for your dance party:

  • Wigs

  • Bubble Gun

  • Foam Light Sticks or Glow Sticks

  • Balloons or Inflatables

I've seen a wedding dance floor transform with the addition of some props!

And of course for my local Buffalo couples...

You can not forget the Bills Gear!

Grab your teams flag, jersey or foam finger for an epic moment on the dance floor... especially for the Buffalo Bills Shout song!! I gotta say, the Shout Song can get a party to the next level!


A guaranteed way to make sure your people are getting down on the dance floor is to join them! People want to spend time with YOU on the wedding day, so encourage them to the dance floor! It makes for some adorable moments with your new spouse and some storytelling moments for years to come! Get on the dance floor, have fun and party!! This celebration is for you, live in it!

Buffalo Wedding Dance Floor celebration, how to make your dance floor AMAZING!



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