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Gift Giving on Your Wedding Day -- Inclusive gift ideas for your Wedding Party & Parents

If your family and friends are a BIG part in Wedding planning... one thing you do not want to forget is a gift to show your appreciation.

Whether their support is financially or just there to help you through the decisions and maybe a few panicked moments, your friends and family can play a big part in your wedding day, so don't forget a little something for them!

Although there is A LOT to think about has your prep and plan, but don't let these gifts be a last minute thought. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for both the nearlywed's parents/guardians and wedding party.


Parents Gifts

Why are they always IMPOSSIBLE to shop for? And Wedding day gifts are no different. I remember when I was getting married myself, one of the hardest decisions was what to give our parents after ALL the help they've given us

My adorable parents on my wedding day: (Photos by Shaw Photography Co.)

Classic Handkerchief with Personalized Embroidery

This is a PERFECT gift, especially for the emotional parents who you KNOW will be shedding tears all day long. There are plenty of amazing sellers both easy to find locally or on Etsy who make some beautiful handkerchiefs which can be personalized with a quote or just the date of the wedding day.

This was an easy go-to for me as I grew up stealing my dad's handkerchief during most events as a kid with a very runny nose.

Wedding Day Accessories -

Tie / Tie-clip / Cuff links / Jewelry / Handbag

There are PLENTY of wedding day accessories that can be gifted to your loved ones. Why not give mom a cute handbag that matches her Mother-of-the-Bride dress which she can show off day of? I love the idea of that! Something that can be photographed and shown off on the wedding day.

gift ideas for parents of wedding spa massage gift card

LET THEM RELAX with a luxury Spa gift card

Yeah, yeah, I know they probably stressed you out during all this planning, but something tells me they were likely just as stressed as you are! Why not find a luxury spa to really treat them to a relaxing post-wedding break?! This is easy and will DEFINITELY be appreciated.

For WNY folks, I recommend WoodHouse Day Spa in Williamsville, NY.

If you want to stick with a gift card, treat them to a Staycation!

No matter where "Home" is, it is nice to have a mini staycation in your hometown, book a night in a hotel or a fancy dinner out to celebrate "their hard work" after the wedding lol! Buffalo folks, why not get Mom and Dad a gift card to The Curtis Hotel with dinner plans the same night! It's time to treat the people who raised you!

Aura Digital Frame

Most people aren't the best about getting prints or albums made after the wedding day... especially parents. So why not prepare them with ease with an Aura Digital Frame? You can help upload the photos after the big day and Aura makes it super easy to use!

Make it Personalized... but not too cheesy

If you search "Wedding Day Parents Gifts", you'll probably see some personalized cheesy frames or illustrations, which can be overdone, but also can be unique to them.

For me, I gifted my parents with a commissioned illustration of their home, it happened to be the place my wedding was also taking place so it made more sense to gift it.

I love the idea of a personalized Frame or Family tree which includes the newest member.

Sometimes simple is the way to go...

Honestly, if you don't want to think too hard, or maybe your parents aren't interested in any of the above, a simple, but very nice bottle of their favorite liquor or wine with a handwritten note could be the perfect gift.

Just don't forget the handwritten note.

Take some time to write out your gratitude for your parents / guardians. Let them know how much their help has made the day easier or whatever you are feeling that way. I even took the time to write my in-laws a hand written note! They did raise the man I love, so lots of thanks to them!

or... Save the gift for later

and promise them a Wedding Album!

We did this for the Christmas following our wedding, but we gifted both sets of parents with a 10x10 Wedding Album, I designed them specifically for either side. This is a great addition and can be designed by your wedding photographer (if applicable!). If you shoot with me, I offer several album options including an 8x8 copy of your wedding album for a discounted rate.


Wedding Party Gifts:

Now for the party people! I think these are a little more fun, but can often be overdone. So here are my favorites for Wedding Party gifts:

We all know the classics... Robes or Pajamas for the ladies and Flasks or Sunglasses for the guys, welp, I'm bored... lol.

No, but really, if you've been in multiple weddings, some of these gifts can be repetitive or not feel vey sentimental, so here are some more out of the box ideas for your wedding party with a more gender neutral vibe.

leather overnight bag from etsy maker for inclusive wedding party gift

Overnight Bag

As someone with a mixed wedding party, I wanted to find an inclusive gender neutral gift that everyone would use and love. When I saw these leather personalized overnight bags, I knew they were perfect. They are chic and classy for any trip or event. I had each embroidered with their first name to personalize it a little bit. My friends use them all the time! I love seeing it!

Toiletry or Make-up Bag

Another great gift with A LOT of uses! I first saw this as a gift for my husband when he was a groomsman a few years ago, he was gifted a beautiful leather toiletry bag with his initials and he uses it EVERYWHERE we go. Again, go with a brown or black leather for a more neutral vibe or get a bag that matches the wedding colors!


I don't know about you... but I'd rather have a pair of slipper than a pair of pajamas. Might just be me, but that gifted pj set is still in the bottom of my drawer, yet I wear my slippers EVERY night. So skip the robes and the pajamas and get something that those poor feet will be begging for after the dance floor!

gender neutral sweatsuits for inclusive wedding gift for grooms party and bridal party

Gender-neutral Sweatsuits

If you have a mixed gender inclusive wedding party and still want to have the "getting ready vibes" for the photos... a perfect alternative to robes or pjs is sweatsuits! You can find basics for most sizes and genders at Old Navy, pact or even get more creative on Etsy.

Frame to fill with a photo after the Wedding

Doesn't have to be personalized or even have the date on it, but why not gift them a frame to commemorate the day and show off your photographer's work!


Alright nearlyweds... I hope this list helps narrow down your gift options!

And please, share this post to help others!

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