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Jess, Kevin, Kelly and Tim 11.2.2019 - Family Photo Session, Tifft Nature Preserve - Buffalo, NY

I'm always honored when I hear back from a previous client looking for more photos. I photographed Jess and Kevin last October after they got engaged. They plan on a destination wedding this coming Spring. Unfortunately I don't get to capture their special day, so it was a lovely surprised when she reached out to get some family photos done with her parents. She wanted to surprise them, but of course they caught on when she was specific about what they should wear. We met on a cloud morning at Tifft Nature Preserve.

Its always a challenge to work with a family of adults because you can't simply ask them to go play like you can with little ones. It was even more of a challenge working with 2 couples of different ages, but I wanted to take some time to capture each couple and their love for each other. I was so impressed with the guys and how cooperative they were in the photos, listening well, sneaking a kiss on their ladies heads, and smiling bright. I am so happy with how these photos came out, I love the contrast of the cloudy sky with the tall grasses and the colors they chose to wear. I think they are happy too considering I am seeing them again for more family photos next week with Jess's grandmother and other family members. I am honored to have such amazing clients like them.



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