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Kevin & Donato 8.12.16 | Delaware Park Rose Garden | LGBT+ Wedding Day and Getting Ready

Its always such an incredible honor when your good friend asks you to be their wedding photographer. Fully trusting me to capture one of the most important days of their lives. About 2 years ago, Kevin asked me to be his wedding photographer, without a doubt I said yes.

Kevin and Donato have such a beautiful relationship - Meeting in Florence, Italy while Kevin studied abroad, the two fell for each other. Staying together after the school trip ended, Kevin and Donato managed to continue to share their love for one another over an ocean. Up until a few weeks before the wedding, Kevin and Donato rarely saw each other. Their love is so incredibly strong.

As time got close to the wedding day, I will admit I was a little nervous about photographing two men in a "traditional" wedding way, as well as working with a group of people that spoke very little English. This was on of my first weddings I was truly on my own as the photographer for an entire day. But the beauty of being close friends with the grooms and having that comfort to work with them, I have never been more proud of a series of photographs.

The day before the wedding, Kevin asked me to head to Rochester with him, his brothers and cousin (the groomsmen) - I spent a few hours photographing the gentlemen at The Mens Room in Rochester.

On the Wedding Day, the two grooms got ready in two different houses, Kevin at his mothers with his wedding party and Donato with his wedding party at Kevin's grandmothers just a few house down the street. The plan was to split my time as the two parties got ready, running for 2 hours from one house to the other.

Running from one house to the other, in the 90 degree heat started getting tiring as the day began. Kevin and his party, having drinks and dancing to music was definitely different then heading to see Donato and his party, quietly getting ready on their own time, all speaking Italian, considering only Donato and his Maid of Honor could speak english

The Ceremony was held at the Rose Gardens at Delaware Park, beside the incredible sun beating down on us, the ceremony was so beautiful. With a little parkor and some good shoes, I ran around those gardens, capturing as much as I could. (There is no kiss photo, because I also shot video - to be shared soon)

The Photo session took place at Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park, Albright Knox Art Museum, Main St. in Buffalo and Gallagher Beach. I was so happy working the entire group. Through the hot temperatures, the crew kept positive and cooperative. Listening and posing exactly as I asked. I loved taking a portrait of each member of the wedding party by the water.

After a long afternoon of photographing, we finally arrived at

The Receptionheld at Michaels Banquet Hall in Hamburg, NY. Beautiful evening with some incredible heartfelt speeches from all the brothers and Kevin's Maid of Honor Emily. The night ended with hours of dancing with Kevin dominating the dance floor. It was a beautiful day, and I am so happy I was able to capture every moment.


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