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My Favorite Locations in WNY for a Photo Session!

When it comes to finding the location for your Western New York Photo Session... there are a ton of options, but to make it easier on y'all, here are my favorites in the Buffalo area.

Western Upstate New York Family Photo Session with Family five in Fall attire smiling for Family Photoshoot

As a longtime Buffalo based Wedding and Portrait photographer, I often get as what locations I like best. Rather than just a list, here are a few of my favorite locations and photo examples so you can find the location that fits your session best!

My "Tried and True" Location and a Top Favorite for the Southtowns -- Know Farms State Park, East Aurora, NY

Knox Farms is probably my most wanted location and one of my favorites, but being so popular, it can be a tough location for clients who may be shy or want a more private photo session. It is a stunning location all year long, but is a big hit in the Fall.

My Personal Favorite, but not one to bring the furry friends -- Tifft Nature Preserve, Buffalo, NY

Being a nature preserve, Tifft has a strict no dogs rule, so not the best location for including your furry friend. But for a good adventure, a variety of "back drops" and a stunning view of Lake Erie, this is one of my favorite spot to take local clients. Tifft has the stunning hills which is the best spot for sunset, quiet boardwalks for a different feel, and wooded areas and high grasses for a great variety.

A Perfect Place for Northtown folks - Amherst State Park, Williamsville, NY

With a very similar setting as Tifft and Knox, Amherst State Park gives a isolated nature feel for the Northtowns. With stunning trees, a creek close by and a field of wildflowers that bloom in the fall, Amherst State Park is top of my list for folks North of Buffalo looking for that nature feel for their photos. It has been a very popular spot for Senior photos, allowing a lot of variety.

For the adventurous ones, who don't mind a little hike - Letchworth State Park, Perry, NY

If you are willing to take a bit of a trip outside of Buffalo, NY, Letchworth State Park is WORTH IT! It's not often I make the trip out there, but I needed to include it because LOOK AT THAT WATERFALL! It is easily one of the most beautiful places in the state, and a great little day trip of a stunning photo session.

Urban Uniquenessf for those who want something different - Various locations, Downtown Buffalo, NY

Of course, tall grasses, open fields and colorful trees are ideal for a photo session, but when you are craving something different or a little more unique... a stop in Downtown Buffalo is soo much fun! Downtown Buffalo allows for a lot of variety with lights, old buildings, some green spaces and very fun murals all around the city. Some of my favorite sessions have been just a walk down Main St.

A spot for a little variety - Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY

When planning your photo session and you realize you want a Buffalo landmark, some photos by water, but a lot a nature feel... Delaware Park is the spot. Hoyt Lake and the Rumsey side of Delaware Park allow for a nature feel, but different from all the other options. With both the Albright Knox (which will be accessible soon) and The Buffalo History Museum close by, this space allows for different backdrops in close proximity. Like Knox though, Delaware Park can be a hot spot for photography, ESPECIALLY during the Cherry Blossom season.

Let's Pretend were on Vacation - Various Beaches, Hamburg, NY

Last Summer, I feel completely in love with shooting on the Beach! Although Buffalo is not known for its beaches, we are lucky enough to have some beautiful summer sunsets and accessible beaches which can feel like you are in your own vacation town. One of my favorite local beaches being Woodlawn Beach in Hamburg because of its open space and variety with greenery and trees close by. Even on a cloudy day, a beach session will make you feel like you are on your own getaway.a

Let's make it personal - In-Home Session

Lastly... it's not "technically" a WNY location, but your home is a perfect setting for a photo session. Usually recommended to those who want more of a private session or with little ones who can be shy or easily distracted outside of the home, your space can be an amazing location for a photo session. Not only is it personal to you, but your home is a space that is completely unique to you.

Ready to capture your memories?!



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