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Surprise Proposal in Bemus Point, Chautauqua, NY

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Couple embrace in front of Chautauqua lake for photo of proposal in Bemus Point
Bemus Point, Chautauqua Surprise Proposal

When you get the inquiry for a proposal... it's a really exciting moment for a photographer! This proposal was in one of my favorite places -- Bemus Point, Chautauqua.

A few months ago, I got an instagram message from Annie's sister asking if I would be available the week after 4th of July to capture her sister being proposed to... and it was an obvious YES! So finally Brian reached out to me to start planning his surprise proposal.

While in town for the holiday and a week with Annie's family, Brian wanted to pop the question, have some photos taken then a surprise party with family that Annie was not expecting to come from out of town! When the day came, the plan was executed perfectly...

Annie's sisters convinced her to go for manicures, the family had "dinner plans" which they were going to take some "cute family photos" with the phone to encourage Annie to dress up and Brian asked Annie to "take a walk" before the dinner. Little did Annie know... I was hiding in a closet at the Lawson Boat Museum where a beautiful dinner table was set up for Brian, Annie and their families after the surprise.

As I hid in the closet which Annie and Brian walked up, I could hear how confused she was about the event set up and then mention how beautiful it was, Brian directed her over the the far side so the water was in the background and slowly got down on one knee as I captured the surprise!

She OBVIOUSLY said yes!! It was so exciting to witness and surprise Annie with some photos! After saying "yes", I gave her a minute to get her bearing right and have a mini celebration with her husband to be before we strolled around looking for photo locations.

Bemus Point in Chautauqua is such an adorable little town and I love going there for photos. It is so easy to walk around and find sweet little locations. We walked over the the historic Hotel Leinhart and got a few photos there, then walked through the park and toward the shore for some sweet intimate moments.

After 40 mins of shooting, we headed back to the Boat Museum where family was waiting to surprise Annie yet again! I absolutely love how these candid moments came out as everyone is so so happy to be surrounding these two!

It truly was a pleasure to meet both families and capture this very special day. Check out the photos below!



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