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Victoria & Michael 6.29.2019 - Wedding Day, Tan Tara Golf Course, North Tonawanda, NY

Before I get into this wonderful wedding, I want to state how excited I was when Victoria reached out to me. Victoria and I went to elementary, middle school and high school together. When we were in our teen years, she joined the same dance studio as me and became "my dance person". We were in so many classes and routines together, she was the person who brightened my evening at class when I actually did not like dancing at all! (haha!) After graduation and going to different schools, like most people, you can lose contact and connection. So when I got an email from Victoria last year looking to discuss wedding photography I was thrilled!

Right when I met Mike and Victoria together, I knew they were in love. We agreed on doing an engagement session close to their home at Stiglmeier Park in Cheektowaga and we got to know each other a little more and allowed them to get more comfortable in front of my camera and working with me.

Victoria and Mike got married on a perfect day at the end of June. My favorite days are those where rain is just in the vicinity, there is always a chance. That means the sun isn't too hot, there are clouds for a little coverage and the air is cooler. I met Victoria and the girls at her moms house, it was so great to reconnect with so many people I have known from high school and before. From the start of taking photos, I knew this was going to be a special day for everyone.

A few years ago, Victoria's dad passed away unexpectedly, so his presence during this day was prominent - the little details in her bouquet, the patch in her dress, the memory table at the reception, a gift Victoria left for Mike before the ceremony stating how grateful she was for the support he has provided, the little reminders during toasts and one of my favorite moments, when Victoria's mom surprised her with a mother/daughter dance. Through this loss and sadness, there was so much beauty and love. I hope you can see that in the photographs below.

Like Victoria and I, Mike was also at the same high school, but it seems for the 3 of us, we never were in the same circle. After graduation, Victoria and Mike met through friends. After spending time together and starting to fall for each other, he asked her to be his girlfriend on the beach in Canada with a few friends. A few years later, they bought a house together and started to grow their lives together. Mike was becoming a local police officer and after graduation in May 2018, he took Victoria to Pittsburgh for a mini vacation. They visited Mount Washington, wandering through tourists and crowds, Mike kept looking for the perfect location to "pop the question". They asked a stranger to take their photo, and that's when Mike got down on one knee and asked Victoria to spend her life with him. When they were telling me this story, Victoria was all smiles (which she has the best smile ever!) telling me how amazing this person was, they look video, photos and captured the whole thing!

The love between these two is so true and pure. Whether you are in the room with them together, or one on one with either of them, you can see the love and joy in their eyes. I am so grateful to have been able to capture this wedding day and witness this beautiful love story! Cheers to forever, Victoria and Mike!

Venue: Tan Tara Golf Course, Tonwanda NY

Dress: Victoria's Bridal

Bridesmaids Dress: David's Bridal

Suit Brand: Michael Kors

Suit Store / Rental: Mens Warehouse

Cake Baker: Meghan Kordrupel

DJ / Band: CJ Sound

Florist: April Spencer

Hair: Danielle Burzynski

Make up: Katie Van Dusen

Videographer: Matt's Next Level Media