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8 Creative Wedding Shower Locations in Buffalo

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Thinking about throwing a wedding shower but want to include all your people? It doesn't have to be a stuffy, gendered affair. Like the rest of your wedding, it can be as cool, fun, and inclusive as you want it to be. Creating a party where all your guests feel welcome starts with finding the perfect venue. Check out these creative wedding shower locations around Buffalo!

8 Creative Wedding Shower Locations for Your Inclusive Party

Buffalonians know that some of this city’s best spots for celebrating are breweries and restaurants. They’re ideal for wedding showers because you get great food and drinks built into your venue. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit is a bar and restaurant in Elmwood Village. This venue has funky decor. (Think purple walls and checked tiles.) The food is an elevated version of what you’d expect from a bar along with gorgeous salads and sandwiches. If you and your friends live for live music, Jack Rabbit could be the perfect wedding shower location for you. They host shows three nights a week. Grab a bite with your people then treat a concert as your own private afterparty.

2. Thin Man Brewery

Thin Man is one of dozens of craft breweries in the region. They serve pizza from Tappo in their taproom, so your guests can enjoy a slice with their brew. The taproom is industrial and spacious. There’s also a patio with a cool view of the city. Thin Man Brewery is a great wedding shower location for a casual event where your guests can move around freely and connect.

3. Resurgence Brewing Co.

Morning people have something to celebrate! On Chicago Street near Conway Park, Resurgence Brewing Co. stands out from other Buffalo breweries because they serve irresistible brunch food. You can really make a day of celebrating your upcoming wedding with your friends and family. Resurgence Brewing Co. also has a patio, so you can have a relaxed outdoor gathering when the weather is good.

4. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

Pearl Street Grill has a uniquely cozy atmosphere for a brewery. The warm woodwork and brick fills the space with inviting colors and textures. If you’re looking for a wedding shower location that encourages people to sit and chat over a leisurely meal, this Pearl Street Grill & Brewery is Perfect. The best part of this venue, though, is the wrap-around patio that gives you views of the waterfront and Buffalo skyline.

5. The Terrace at Delaware Park

Delaware Park is stunning year-round. The Terrace at Delaware Park offers incredible views of Hoyt Lake to go with your creative dining experience. This venue is probably the most elegant on this list, and it’s also a wedding venue. The staff is well-versed in how to facilitate a smooth event.

6. Tappo

Maybe old school Italian is more your vibe for your wedding shower location. Check out Tappo! The presentation of everything from the entrees to the cocktails is seriously photo-worthy. Your guests will remember your shower as the best dinner party they ever attended. The rooftop bar is pretty cool. In the winter, they offer igloo dining for small groups. The rooftop is usually first come first serve, so check in ahead of time if you hope to use it for your wedding shower.

7. Big Ditch Brewing Company

Big Ditch Brewing is a Buffalo favorite for a reason! Their beers, like the Hayburner IPA, are solid. As a wedding shower location, it’s relaxed and welcoming. Big Ditch Brewing also has several private rooms. If you want to do speeches or announcements, you’ll have a nice private space to enjoy the moment.

8. Twin Petrels Seltzer Co.

Breweries not your thing? Try a seltzery! Twin Petrels Seltzer Co. makes refreshing seltzers, and you can even get seltzer-based cocktails for your event. Twin Petrels feels different from other Buffalo craft breweries partly because the decor is very modern with splashes of color in the details. The interior is less heavy-handed and more light-and-airy. It’s a perfect wedding shower location for brunch.

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