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Why Have a Wedding Planner: 7 Amazing Reasons

Why have a wedding planner? A good wedding planner can change your whole experience of wedding planning and your wedding day. As a Buffalo wedding photographer, I’ve worked with some amazing planners who have made all the difference for my clients. This post, featuring photos from a wedding by Sarah at Good Neighbor Events, outlines seven reasons you’ll love having a wedding planner.

A bride and groom kiss in front of a Buffalo wedding venue on a rainy day.

Why have a wedding planner?

Before I get into all the reasons I think a wedding planner is so valuable, here’s a quick intro to the different kinds of wedding planners:

  • Wedding planner: A wedding planner does end-to-end planning for your wedding day. They facilitate the whole planning process and make sure don’t have too much to stress about. 

  • Coordinator: There are two kinds of coordinators, month-of and day-of coordinators. Coordinators take care of a lot of last-minute details from reviewing vendor contracts to doing final walk throughs of your venue. Some venues actually require a day-of coordinator if you don’t have a planner.

  • Event designer: An event designer leaves the logistics to you. They’re more of a creative director for your wedding day. Event designers are popular for weddings that are big on aesthetics.

So why have a wedding planner? Let’s get into it!

A bride and groom stands back to back for a first touch in front of a Buffalo wedding venue.

1. They’ve got connections.

When you start planning a wedding, you quickly realize how many people are involved. You find yourself searching for venues, caterers, photographers (hi!), florists, and boutiques just to name a few. The list of possible wedding vendors can feel endless, especially around a big city. A wedding planner will be plugged into the vendor community and be able to direct you to vendors they trust to give you a great experience.

A bride and groom sit in vintage chairs with their wedding party on either side.

A bride and groom hold hands during wedding portraits at a fall wedding.

2. They can tailor your wedding to your vision and personality.

At this point, you may be wondering why have a wedding planner aside from logistical reasons. The right planner can turn your vision into reality. It’s like your Pinterest board comes to life - but somehow even better. They know how to marry logistics and creative vision.

A groom reads his vows at a Buffalo wedding ceremony.

A Buffalo groom puts a diamond wedding ring on a bride's finger.

Your wedding planner can also help you break out of a cookie cutter wedding day. We’re so inundated with messages about what a wedding has to be. Sometimes it’s hard to see how you can make your wedding feel true to you. A planner can help you get there.

A bride and groom kiss in the aisle at their Buffalo wedding venue.

A Buffalo wedding planner poses between a bride and groom in front of a floral installation arch.

3. They’ll tell you what’s realistic.

Wedding planners are great for big picture thinkers who need someone to keep them grounded. Maybe you want fireworks at your reception. Your planner can say, “Yes! Here’s how we do that.” Alternatively, they might say, “Um, no. The venue would have a fit.” Either way they can help you navigate the ins and outs of it all.

Two Buffalo wedding planners pose under a wedding arch decorated with dried flowers.

A gift table is decorated with a couple's photos and dried flowers.

4. A wedding planner can turn an event into an experience.

People who plan their own wedding often end up trying to keep track of logistics on their wedding day instead of being in the moment. That alone is a great reason to have a wedding planner. They can turn your event into an experience. 

A couple smiles at their sweetheart table during a wedding toast.

A bride and groom raise their glasses for a wedding toast.

5. They’ll be the frontline for communication.

Remember all of those wedding vendors I mentioned before? A wedding planner works as a mediator between you and your vendors. They can answer some of their questions for you and streamline what you actually have to deal with. 

A bride explains why have a wedding planner and points to her planner across the reception.

6. You can enjoy your wedding planning more. 

All of this means you get to enjoy the wedding planning process more. It’s easy to see why you would have a wedding planner if you actually got to enjoy wedding prep. We’ve all seen friends looking worn down by decision fatigue and vendor emails by the time their celebration rolled around. With a planner, you get to be involved with more of the fun stuff and leave the rest to them.

Polaroid wedding photos decorate a cutting cake at a wedding.

A groom twirls a bride on the dance floor.

7. You’re free to enjoy your wedding day.

Having a wedding planner frees you up to enjoy your wedding day more than almost any other preparation can. Your planner can solve any problems that arise because there’s inevitably a hiccup. You get to focus on being with your people and partying your heart out.

A bride in a reception dress dances beside a groom at their Buffalo wedding.

A bride line dances with a wedding guest.

Did you find this article helpful? I’m a Buffalo wedding photographer who prides herself on being a great resource for marriers in the planning process. I’ve created lots of blog posts with you in mind! Check these out for more helpful tips and inspiration:

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Planning: Sarah at Good Neighbor Events



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