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8 Fun Trends for Wedding Flowers

When you’re investing in wedding flowers, you want this part of your wedding decor to feel like you. Forget generic bouquets. The possibilities for your florals are as limitless as your imagination these days. Here are eight of my favorite ideas for fun, unique wedding flowers.

A bride and bridesmaids holding pink and red wedding bouquets stand with their backs to a Buffalo wedding photographer.

8 Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Flowers

1. Lush Arbors

Arbor installations for ceremonies aren’t exactly a new trend, but they’re definitely not going anywhere either. They’re a classic way to add color and whimsy to your wedding. They also let you tie in the season’s colors. Whether you’re embracing autumn jewel tones or spring pastels, your arbor will give any space that wedding feeling.

Pink and purple roses and orchids form a wedding arbor for a backyard wedding.

A bride and groom stand under an arbor of colorful wedding flowers at a Jewish wedding in Western New York.

2. Floral Chandeliers

The first time I saw these floral chandeliers by Beck & Forth Company, I couldn’t believe it. Why don’t people incorporate more wedding flowers on their reception venue ceilings? It made this tent feel like an extension of the forest around it. Plus, the florists used greenery that’s heartier than a lot of flowers. The chandeliers looked fresh all the way to the couple’s exit.

A bride and groom dance beneath chandeliers made from whicker baskets and wedding flowers in a white wedding tent in Buffalo.

3. Faux Flowers

For environmentally-minded marriers, wedding flowers might actually be a source of stress. Flower farming can have a big impact on the earth. Luckily, you can now rent faux flowers! These artificial options look just as charming as the real thing, and you don’t have to stress about waste. If you’re into DIY decor, faux flowers give you the chance to experiment with your flowers without them wilting.

A bride and bridesmaid hold bouquets of artificial wedding flowers outside an East Aurora wedding venue.

A bride and bridesmaids stand in a line holding bouquets of faux flowers.

4. Simple Tablescapes

Sometimes less is more, even with your table decor. Sculptural ikebana arrangements are having a moment. There’s also something to be said for a single rose and a few sprigs of baby’s breath in an elegant vase. Simple centerpieces give your guests some breathing room and add a lightness to your decor. On the other hand, you can go full color and fill jars with sprigs of vibrant blooms for a more carefree look.

A rose and baby's breath sit in a small vase on a wedding reception table for classic wedding decor in Buffalo.

5. Tall Centerpieces

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find very tall centerpieces. I love the way this looks in reception venues with high ceilings. It adds to the majesty of a space and gives it more dimension. Just make sure that your florals are on a stand tall enough to allow people seated at the tables to see each other. You want your florals to be a conversation starter, not an impediment.

Tall white floral centerpieces sit on gold stands on wedding reception tables in a Buffalo wedding venue.

6. Dried Wedding Flowers

Dried flowers are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be. Luxe arrangements with sunset-colored grasses have found their way into interior design. Now they’re adorning our wedding arbors and bouquets as well. Dried flowers work well for fall and winter weddings, especially. Orange, rust, and cream colors bring so much seasonal color to your wedding. An unexpected perk? Preserving your favorite blooms is so much easier when they’re already dried.

A bride and groom stand beneath an arbor decorated with dried wedding flowers in shades of orange and red.

7. Minimalist Boutonnieres

For many marriers, boutonnieres are an important component of wedding flowers that can get overshadowed by showier bouquets. Just like with those minimalist tablescapes, a classic boutonniere can go a long way to elevating a look. A simple white rose with a few sprigs of greenery looks good regardless of the color or style of your attire.

Buffalo grooms show their white rose boutonnieres in groom's portraits.

8. Layered Textures

For the maximalists among us, use your flowers to bring texture to your wedding! You’ve got to love a floral arrangement that makes you want to reach out and touch it. Protea are great starting points for building big arrangements. Their vibrant colors and almost extraterrestrial shapes make a statement. More common garden flowers like celosia add scarlet and magenta as well as plenty of feathery movement. Check with your florist to see what’s in season and how you can layer components for a more interesting look.

A bridal bouquet with protea and celosia flowers sits on a table with wedding details including a floral bridal purse and a red and pink wedding invitation suite.

Did you get inspiration for your jaw-dropping wedding flowers? I’m a Buffalo wedding photographer who prides herself in being my clients’ wedding bestie! Check out these resources that I designed to make your wedding day easier and more authentic to you!

If you loved the florals in this post, you can learn more about my favorite Buffalo wedding florists here!



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