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In-Home Mimosas and Kitchen Snuggles | Couples Story Lifestyle Session | Buffalo, NY

Sometimes a spark of creativity hits you where you least expect it. These two beautiful souls are very good friends of mine and after being welcomed in to their apartment for a little get together, the spark hit! I saw this chalkboard wall and KNEW a shoot needed to happen. I think I immediately grabbed Bryan and Anne and asked them if we could set something up, all my vision, nothing they would have to worry about!

Of course, winter came and COVID numbers went up and we went in to an isolation... months went by, but as numbers lowered and vaccinations came through, we finally set up a date for a little mimosa and chalkboard fun. I provided the mimosas, they provided the cuteness!

As a photographer who studied art photography, I try my best to give myself a project. Come up with ideas on my own and create work for myself, not necessarily my clients. Of course, Bryan and Anne were given some of these photos and were so happy, but I did this for my own art. I created a space, I created the prompts and I made my vision come to life.

These two are so special to me, being some of mine and my husbands best friends. It was such a honor to capture the silly little love between them and I can't wait for more.

Scroll to see this precious in-home lifestyle couples session and the cute little doodles I made them do!

"You have 30 seconds to draw something that reminds you of the other! Go!"

A tree and a pig? Can't say I get it, but I love it 😍😂



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