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5 Reasons You’ll Thank Yourself for Getting a Wedding Album

Getting your wedding photos brings such a rush. The nostalgia, the memories, the magic! But what do you do after you’ve poured through them on a screen? Most people start thinking about creating an album. Here are five reasons (of many) that you’ll thank yourself for getting a professional wedding album.

A professional wedding album with a dark blue cover has a couple's names in gold font.

5 Reasons to Get a Wedding Album 

1. Hold your memories in your hands.

If you’re like me, you get a little sentimental about your wedding photos. They just hit different when you can hold them in your hands. A wedding album gives you a way to access the photos without the distractions of a screen and really be present with your memories.

Imagine sitting with your spouse year after year on your anniversary. You get a glass of bubbly or your favorite tea and open your wedding album. Pouring over the photos and reminiscing will become one of your favorite ways to celebrate your day.

2. Your wedding album’s quality and style are timeless.

A wedding album never goes out of style. When you choose to work with a professional album company through your wedding photographer, you are looking at much higher quality than a simple made at home album. Think high quality images, sturdy paper, and durable binding. You’re hiring a wedding photographer to make sure your memories last forever. Your album is a part of that, too!

A wedding album is open to photos a bride and groom having their first look.

3. Your photographer can personalize your wedding album.

I can be as hands-on as you want in creating your album. After all, you chose me to document your story in the first place. I’m excited to continue to do it through your album. Sometimes having that third party to handle things makes sifting through all those amazing photos way less daunting.

When you choose an album with your wedding package you have your choice of personalization. You can choose your favorite images, the cover, and even the title.choosing which favorites, the cover type and title. I also offer a "Memory Album" which is a high-quality album, fully designed by me. I’ll complete it and deliver it by your first anniversary. No need to worry about making time to design a whole album together.

4. Start a tradition. 

Your wedding is about your partner and you. Your wedding album, on the other hand? That’s about everyone who spends time with it in the years to come. Whether you plan to have kids or not, there will be people in your life who want to share this part of your story.

When I was a kid, I loved looking at my parent's album. They kept it tucked away in a special box with photos that capture the highlights of their day. Looking at those photos made me feel more connected to their story and, in some ways, my own as well. Think of all the people who will love you over the course of your lifetime and what an incomparable experience that is for them.

A Buffalo wedding photographer holds an album open to show summer wedding photos.

5. Give the best gift.

Is your first anniversary coming up? A professional-quality album is a perfect gift for your spouse. You can sit and flip through the pages at home or at your favorite park. An album is a powerful way to connect and get nostalgic about those romantic moments.

Maybe you want to thank your family for all of their help making your wedding happen. Regardless of whom it’s for, an album is a fantastic gift. You can even design one for your spouse and a smaller one for your family to commemorate their part in your wedding. For a lot of families, people are only together all at once at weddings. Everyone should get to soak up those amazing moments again and again.

Wedding photos in a professional album show a Buffalo bride and groom posing for portraits.

Bonus: Getting a professional album means it’ll actually happen.

In my experience, a lot of people who intend to DIY their albums never end up doing it. That’s understandable. Life happens! If you’re afraid this might be you, it’s worth working with your photographer to make it happen. You don’t want to miss out on the experience of sharing the album with your partner and others because you’re short on time to make it. 

Are you one of my clients? I’d love to help you design your wedding album! Reach out to me here.



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