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8 2024 Wedding Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

The wedding industry loves a trend. It’s easy to get swept up in them and lose the sense that your love is the heart of your wedding day. These 2024 wedding trends add an element of fun and authenticity to your wedding experience. They’ll help you connect with your guests and feel like yourself.

A pair of green wedding shoes sits beside a wedding invitation suite on a table.

8 Fun 2024 Wedding Trends

1. Audio guest book

Ever watch wedding guests stand around that guest book and stare blankly at the pages? It’s nice to have a written message, but one 2024 wedding trend makes it possible to hear their voices instead. Audio guest books give you an audio file with messages from all of your guests. Imagine sitting down on your anniversary and listening to the laughter and love in their voices.

A lot of companies are springing up with their versions of an audio guest book. After the Tone is one of the best loved. If you want a vintage touch to your wedding decor, you’ll love the vintage rotary phone they send in the kit. After your wedding, they’ll convert your guests’ messages to an audio file. They even offer the option of creating a vinyl record!

Wedding guests dance in a circle around a bride.

2. Live painter and portraits as favors

Photography is obviously an important part of remembering your wedding day. A live painter can add another layer of creativity to how you relive the once in a lifetime experience. You could also opt to hire an artist to do portraits as wedding favors. Your guests will love having such a personal gift to take home.

3. Candid photography over heavily posed photos

Elaborately posed wedding party photos aren’t at home among 2024 wedding trends. Instead people are opting for a more candid style of photography. Unposed photos tell a different side of your story. They capture the in-between moments that often mean the most in relationships. Whether it’s laughter with your best friends or a tearful embrace with your partner, a candid photo is a treasure.

A bride and groom sit at a sweetheart table and laugh during a wedding toast in a candid wedding photography.

4. No wedding party

If the idea of picking your wedding party stresses you out, take comfort. A lot of couples are opting not to have them at all. You can still have your favorite people around you without the pressure of coordinating outfits and florals (not to mention the emotions that can crop up). So go ahead. Skip the wedding party.

A bride and groom stand in front of a wedding arch on a beach at a destination wedding in Jamaica.

5. Bold, colorful attire

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to wear a white dress or black suit. Wear the color that makes you feel most like yourself. For that matter, your wedding party doesn’t have to be matchy matchy either. 2024 wedding trends include mixing and matching outfits for wedding parties. Choose a palette and get creative!

A couple stands with a wedding party in front of an East Aurora wedding venue.

6. Film photography

Film photography is getting a lot more attention these days, and the wedding industry is here for it. It adds a vintage, nostalgic atmosphere to your wedding photos. If you decide to add film to your wedding package, make sure you ask your wedding photographer to see examples of their film work to make sure they can do your wedding justice.

7. Floral installations hanging over tablescapes

We’ve all seen floral wedding arches. They’re colorful, whimsical, and romantic. One of my favorite 2024 wedding trends has couples continuing this dreamy feeling in their reception decor with floral installations hanging over tablescapes. You can go so many routes with this. Some people wrap greenery around chandeliers while others create flower curtains. All the flowers bring color and life to your wedding decor. It really sets the tone for a joyful reception.

Greenery hangs from baskets from the ceiling of a white wedding tent.

Wedding guests lift a bride and groom for the horah under a floral installation at a wedding reception.

8. AI scripts

Yes, AI is even making its way into weddings. Even though it might seem impersonal at first, it’s really helpful when you’re feeling stumped. You can use it to plan a ceremony and write vows.

Recently, I photographed a wedding where the grooms wanted to incorporate some aspect of their childhood homes (New York and Puerto Rico). AI suggested a soil ritual. They brought soil from both of their childhood homes to add to their garden during their background wedding. It was really sweet.

Did these 2024 wedding trends inspire you? I’ve got a lot more wedding planning tips you might love. Check out 7 Spiritual Elements for Your Nontraditional Wedding and The 5-Part Wedding Checklist You Didn’t Expect.



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